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Hololens - Unity 'launch sharing service' on VS build?

Hey guys,

I have reached and completed the 3rd section 'Chapter 3 - Shared Coordinates' tutorial at https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/holograms-240

After successfully building the shared coordinates unity application on both hololens devices and running it WITH the launch 'sharing service working' console that can be accessed on the top navigation bar in Unity under 'HoloToolkit-Sharing240'. the application works and I get to see information of devices that connect to my local address.

However, if I turn off Unity and run the hololens application I built through the hololens it doesn't connect, nothing works. What am I doing wrong? All I would like to do is run the application without having Unity or the launch sharing service on Unity active.

In other words, do I have to have Unity open to run the shared coordinates application. I don't think this should be the case right, I have already set my designated server address and port address on Unity and built it on visual studio....

Would appreciate any help and thank you

Kind Regards


  • @ Templarian23,

    we are unable to connect the 2 hololense with the server for sharing. Can you Please help us in that.We are getting error in sharing service i.e Failed to create incoming connection on port 20607.

    Thanks in advance

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