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Sharing, anchors and remoting

Unity: 2018.2.0f2
HoloToolkit: 2017.4.2.0

Due to processing needs, we have to execute our app in a PC and connect to Hololens using remoting.

In a light version of the project, we tested the sharing system that work properly using 2 hololens.

The problem is that when we move to remoting version of the project, anchors are not shared. Sharing and messages work, they are sent and received, but world is not correctly aligned because of the problem with sharing anchors.

Diving int the code, there is an async call that never resolves:

protected virtual void Start()
We guess this is not supported on remoting, nor on UnityEditor.

Is there a workaround? Any other way to share anchors and align world coordinates in remoting + hololens?

Thank you


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    Microsoft response:

    Indeed, as you comment, the use of Anchors is not compatible when remoting is being used, as discussed here: https://github.com/Microsoft/MixedRealityToolkit-Unity/issues/274#issuecomment-254274307. Two comments below is proposed to calculate the anchors from the origin, without using the Anchors itself - I have sincerely never tried this method, but it would be rewriting the functionality of Anchors. What is perhaps strange is that the async function does not end correctly.

    What do you understad by "calculate the anchors from the origin"?

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