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Speech Recognition stops after losing Focus

Hello, I'm currently developing a Holographic App using Unity 2017.2.0f3 and Mixed Reality Toolkit for Unity (v.2017.2.1.1. ).

Speech Recognition initially works fine, but after you Unfocus the application with the bloom gesture a few times, the App will suddenly stop reacting to Voice commands.
I'm using 'Speech Input Handler' and 'Speech Input Source' with all the checkboxes ticked.
I tried to figure out what's wrong by checking the SpeechInputSource's keywordrecognizer.isRunning attribute in in the OnApplicationFocus method.
It always returns true, meaning it's consistently running.

Does Anyone know what else to check in this scenario?

Kind Regards,



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    I can't say whether the problem that you're seeing is the same one that I've recently encountered but I wrote some notes on what I saw (and how I tried to work around it) at the end of this blog post - scroll right down to the end with the section about the FileOpenPicker and SpeechRecognizer.

    I found that I hit problems in keeping a SpeechRecognizer instance alive across the application suspending and resuming and, instead, I took an approach where I actively disposed of it much more frequently although this means moving away from the classes in the framework like SpeechInputSource.

    I hope that helps - it would be great if someone has more detail on the whys/wherefores of this as I'm not sure that I understand why that type can't be kept around across suspend/resume boundaries (if that does turn out to be your problem!).

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    Okay, thanks. I hope the mrtk guys will address this, since don't think i could devise an alternative implementation of this.

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    I have a bug ticket with them regarding voice recognition not working or recognition being too slow... they claim to be working on it but don't expect a fix till April (which is their next OS update).

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    Thanks Sohail for contacting them. I really hope they will fix it. Speech Recognition is a great future. I will test it as soon as the new OS update is available in april.

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