Control remotely placed multiple hololens device through rest apis

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Hi Folks, I want to develop a microservices or app which actually can allow me to control hololens devices remotely (For example reboot, restart, get list of active process etc). I had a look over following dcoumentation , , This list the possible operations you can perform through these apis, I tried to give it a try with following approach.

Connected my hololens device and desktop computer on same wifi network and accessed device portal using the ipv4 address of my hololens device, It allows you to access hololens device portal , on this dashbaord you can perform all operations, I want the same kind of functionality but all the operations must be carried out through my own dashboard or microservices (a nodejs web server, which can connect to hololens) , But there are some constraint that I came across.
1. You must be within same wifi network.
2. You must login to device portal and do the operations.

I tried to do it through rest apis But I wasnt able to do it.

Please note, I want to control (specially) reboot multiple hololens devices which are placed across the glob, How can i please make connection to those devices through my web sever?, how hololens device IP can map to domain over internet?
Am i missing somthing here or I am just thinking with wrong approach.

Pardon for any typos.
Please feel free to ask something for which you have doubt or not able to understand my intent for a specific statement. Thanks

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