How to use Air Tap with Vuforia Object Recognition?

Hello there,
I am very new to Unity and working with the Hololens. As one of my first projects, i want to build an app which recognizes a real world object using Vuforia ObjectTargets. I have set up erverything for that and the recognition and augmentation of a virtual object is working fine. Now i want to go one step further and integrate an air tap gesture. I want the virtual object to show up if it is recognized as the ObjectTarget and if the user air taps on it.
I attached the Vuforia DefaultTrackableEventHandler and the GazeGestureManager from as text files. I could really use some advice because the DefaultTrackableEventHandler is not using any Object types but the GazeGestureManager uses GameObjects to regognize Gaze and Gestures.
Thanks in advance for any help.


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