is it possible to transfer data over the micro USB port on the Hololens?

Hi, I am the lead programmer for my schools FRC robotics team. I am attempting to make an app for the hololens that would be a dashboard for the robot. Unfortunately, FIRST doesn't allow WiFi or Bluetooth on driver stations. This limits the only way that I can send data to USB.

It would be nice if the computer that the Hololens is plugged into could act like a router because there is at least one (probably more) mpg stream that would be great to show the drivers and a .net plugin for FRC networking (FRC.NetworkTables) could talk directly to the robot.

However, it could also work to make a program that runs on the computer that could get all that data and send it to the hololens (a companion app).

I am using UrhoSharp to make the app. I moved over to urho from unity because I can use FRC.NetworkTables without having to deal with porting it to unity. If you would like to check out what I have the git repo is here.

I found this post from a few years ago about port forwarding. It seems as if it has been removed in current builds though.

I also found this git repo from a team that did it 2 years ago. It seems that they had a custom build to allow data over USB.

Thank's in advance for any help.


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    Also, the FRC.NetworkTables Lib uses for its networking stuff. Does that work with hololens or would I need to port it to use windows.networking?

  • After some more research it seems like the best way to move forward is to make an http web server that runs on the computer. Then using IpOverUsb get to that web server from the hololens. To do this it looks like I am going to need to flash the hololens with an older build that doesn't block apps access to the IpOverUsb services. [14393.448]

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