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Only audio & no holograms (black screen) when unity project deployed to Hololens

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a Augmented Reality project in Unity 2018.2.9f1. So, I use unity to develop the project, then build a solution for Visual Studio 2017 and then, via Visual Studio, deploy the project to Microsoft Hololens.

I did this in the last few months without any problem, and everything was working fine: the project worked in the unity editor when I hit PLAY, and worked exactly in the same way on the Hololens. Then, all of a sudden, something went wrong and now, when I deploy the project to the Hololens, I have only a black screen. No holograms at all, and not even the "made with unity" logo when the app starts. However, I can still hear all the sounds that I created, as if the app was working as normal.
During the deploy process I get no error and no warnings.
In unity editor everything works fine, even when I hit play.

Also, I reinstalled Visual Studio, no change; in Unity, I cleaned the cash, canceled the Library folder and had unity to recreate it, no change; I exported my original project as an asset, created a new project, imported in it my exported asset, no change.
Hololens software is updated to the latest version. Windows 10 is updated to the latest version available.

If I run on the Hololens old versions of my project I can see the holograms.

Worst of all, if I create a new project in Unity and add to a new scene just a cube, build a solution and deploy it to the Hololens I can see the cube and also the "made with unity" logo.

I guess that the problem has to do with something in my project. An asset, maybe, a script, something wrong with some setting? However, the project was working fine until a few days ago and I did not introduce major changes to it.

I'm not a developer; I'm getting familiar with unity, but I guess not familiar enough to find a solution to this situation.
So my question is: where do I start from in order to find out what is wrong with my project?

Any help would really be appreciated.


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