Why do the driver for my Equipment crash after starting WMR?

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so first off, i couldnt choose troubleshooting for mixed reality so i chose General i hope its not a Problem

So to my Problem,
i bought myself a Window mixed reality Headset with two controllers and a bluetooth 4 usb adapter to connect my controllers to my PC.
after connecting everything to my computer the controller setup showed up and everything worked fine there.
after that i had to do the thing where i walk around my room to analyze the space and everything but when i had to choose if i want to play seated or while standing it froze (i thought) what rly happened was the vr crashed and with that my mouse and keyboard were unresponsive.
i tried replugging them and the red light underneath my mouse turned on but still no response from it. and btw i have 3.0 usb slots with the blue connector thing (googled it)
so the only way to get access to my computer again was to restart the computer.
after the restart it worked and i could set up everything.
after that i launched mixed reality for steamvr and it crashed again.
after a restart i tried again and the headset turned on and i was in this hillhouse.
from there i started recroom (a vr game from steam) and it worked but when i decided i wanted to play another game and started the other game which was vrchat i got a blue screen and then all got black again and i could hear the sound my Computer makes when something just disconnected. after that my mouse and keyboard where also unresponsive and i have to restart every time. (btw windows+y doesnt work if that happens)
so i looked up some troubleshooting steps and i rly upgraded everything i could tried starting the game from the headset instead of the PC and it always gives starts loads a little and when i think "okay i think it works now" it shows me the blue screen and then turns black and i have to restart my computer again... PLS help me i dont know what else i can do

specs: (not sure if this helps im a newbi)

processor: Intel(R) CORE(TM) i5 4670 CPU @ 3.4GHz 3.40 GHz
Ram: 16GB
Systemtyp: 64bit

Windows 10 Home
Version: 1809
Operatingsystembuild: 17763.292

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