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Hello guys

I've update Hololens with rs5 Japanese package (rs5_release.retail.ja-JP.10.0.17763.134) and now the OS turns to use Japanese interface instead of English. I am developing Hololens application (UWP) using Unity and HoloToolKit and using Keyboard prefab and KeyboardInputField to input text in my application. But I cannot see where to set keyboard to Japanese layout as default Hololens OS keyboard. How can I set the keyboard to input Japanese? Do i need to update HoloToolkit or turn to use MixedRealityToolkit? Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Developing environment:
Unity 2017.4.8f1
HoloToolkit 2017.4.2.0



  • I have met the same problem

  • nynohunynohu
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    @hapagonmolie said:
    I have met the same problem

    As the result I've searched, the only way to input Japanese is you need to use the system keyboard. But you have to turn to set Build type to XAML instead of D3D, that can cause some errors when building or crash app if you are using D3D build type. And it needs to change logic of handling keyboard event that takes more cost to change/ implement your current programming.

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