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Is it possible to place very large Holograms?


I'm currently developing on the Hololens using Unity. By following MR Basics 100 and 250, I was managed to place a cube at a fixed position, that when I look around the cube is always positioned at the same place. However, when I make the cube much larger, such as 2 meters in length, with position (0,0,2) and near plane 0.85m, the cube cannot be registered at the same position and it moves when I look around. Is there a way to place large objects?

Thank you very much.!


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    Hi there, you could look into using WorldAnchors to keep the models where they are based on the world around them. Simple usage:

    hologram.AddComponent<WorldAnchor>();// Adds the world anchor to the GameObject
    Destroy(hologram.GetComponent<WorldAnchor>());// Removes the world anchor so you can freely move the hologram

    Also make sure you aren't moving the hologram in your update method.

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