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Device Portal (Hololens): Cannot trace "light" WPR profiles

edited February 2019 in General

This message is intended for those who have used custom WPR profiles in the Performance Tracing tool of the Hololens Device Portal.

The problem is that tracing fails to start when a custom "light" WPR profile (Device Portal -> Performance -> Performance Tracing -> Custom profiles) is selected. By "light", I mean that the detail level is set to "Light" and the logging mode to "File" in the profile. Tracing succeeds however when changing the custom profile's detail level to "Verbose".

I have attached the custom WPR profile at the end of this message. The custom profile's content is verified against the schema and it works with the WPR tool on a standard Windows 10 PC. So I am inclined to believe that the Performance Tracing tool in the Hololens Device Portal does not support the light detail variant.

Can you please help me understand if the light detail variant is supported and if not, what is the overhead of the verbose variant?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone='yes'?>

<WindowsPerformanceRecorder Version="1.0" Author="Ananya Muddukrishna" Team="TXD" Comments="Light performance analysis profile" Company="Ericsson AB" Tag="Hololens">

  <!-- For schema, please see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/test/wpt/wprcontrolprofiles-schema -->


    <!-- System Collectors -->
    <SystemCollector Id="SystemCollector_TXD" Name="NT Kernel Logger" Realtime="false">
      <BufferSize Value="1024"/>
      <Buffers Value="80"/>

    <!-- Event Collectors -->
    <EventCollector Id="EventCollector_TXD" Name="TXD Event Collector" Private="false" ProcessPrivate="false" Secure="false" Realtime="false">
      <BufferSize Value="1024"/>
      <Buffers Value="40"/>

    <!-- System Providers -->
    <SystemProvider Id="SystemProvider_Base">
        <Keyword Value="CpuConfig"/>
        <Keyword Value="Loader"/>
        <Keyword Value="ProcessThread"/>
        <Keyword Value="MemoryInfo"/>
        <Keyword Value="MemoryInfoWS"/>
        <Keyword Value="HardFaults"/>
        <Keyword Value="CSwitch"/>

    <SystemProvider Id="SystemProvider_TXD" Base="SystemProvider_Base">
      <Keywords Operation="Add">
        <Keyword Value="DiskIO"/>
        <Keyword Value="DPC"/>
        <Keyword Value="Interrupt"/>
        <Keyword Value="ReadyThread"/>
        <Keyword Value="HardFaults"/>
        <Keyword Value="SampledProfile"/>
        <Keyword Value="NetworkTrace"/>
        <Keyword Value="Registry"/>
        <Keyword Value="IdleStates"/>
        <Keyword Value="ClockInterrupt"/>
        <Keyword Value="Power" />
        <Keyword Value="Timer"/>
      <Stacks Operation="Add">
        <Stack Value="CSwitch"/>
        <Stack Value="HardFault"/>
        <Stack Value="SampledProfile"/>
        <Stack Value="ReadyThread"/>
        <Stack Value="PagefaultHard" />

    <!-- Event Providers -->
    <EventProvider Id="EventProvider_Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-LoggingChannel" Name="4bd2826e-54a1-4ba9-bf63-92b73ea1ac4a" Level="5"/>
    <EventProvider Id="EventProvider_Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Network" Name="7DD42A49-5329-4832-8DFD-43D979153A88" Level="5"/>

    <!-- Profiles -->
    <Profile Id="TXDProfile.Light.File" LoggingMode="File" Name="TXDProfile" DetailLevel="Light" Description="Light performance analysis profile for the Hololens">
        <ProblemCategory Value="First Level Triage"/>
        <SystemCollectorId Value="SystemCollector_TXD">
          <SystemProviderId Value="SystemProvider_TXD"/>
        <EventCollectorId Value="EventCollector_TXD">
            <EventProviderId Value="EventProvider_Microsoft-Windows-Diagnostics-LoggingChannel"/>
            <EventProviderId Value="EventProvider_Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Network"/>

    <!--Profile Id="TXDProfile.Light.Memory" LoggingMode="Memory" Name="TXDProfile" DetailLevel="Light" Description="Light performance analysis profile for the Hololens" Base="TXDProfile.Light.File"-->


    <TraceMergeProperty  Id="TraceMerge_Default" Name="TraceMerge_Default" Base="">
      <DeletePreMergedTraceFiles Value="true"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="ImageId"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="BuildInfo"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="VolumeMapping"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="EventMetadata"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="PerfTrackMetadata"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="WinSAT"/>
        <CustomEvent Value="NetworkInterface"/>

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