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Uploading 20 GB to app LocalState in device portal fills 40GB


I have built a script that uses the device portal API to copy files to LocalState folder of our app.

This is the code to upload:

            await _dp.UploadFileAsync("LocalAppData", fileName, Path.Combine("LocalState", folderPath), Config.PackageName);

The problem is that the files are taking twice as much space as they should, so even with a completely empty Hololens, we're coming up very short -- but this should not be the case.

Is this a bug with the Device Portal? Is there another way to load ~40GB of data onto the device without doubling it? Is there a way to clear the cache or write space? Thanks.


  • Update--

    Files copy to a temp folder and then are copied to the correct folder.
    If not enough space for the second copy is available, the copy from temp fails and the temp file is left with no recourse to remove it, so the space is still taken up.
    Similarly, if a file is copied to a non-existent directory, it only fails after the temp attempts to copy it to that directory.
    The bug here seems to be that we don't have any ability to clean up or clear the temp files, so that disk space is never recoverable (without a factory reset, at least).

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