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Recording HoloLens experiences in third-person

Hi guys,

What would be the workflow be to record a HoloLens experience in a third-person view, like in the officials demos videos released?

I have got two headsets available, would it be possible to "sync" them so that one user could record the other playing and interacting with the holograms?


Best Answer


  • @HoloSheep said:
    @leoncvlt the subject of the cameras used by Microsoft to record demo videos has been discussed in a few other threads like this one.

    The approach of using two headsets and having one record while another user is interacting with the hologram is feasible. To sync the two headsets, it is currently a matter of syncing the apps running on the two headsets. So if it is your own app you could implement a multi-user experience leveraging the HoloToolkit in a similar way to the Academy Holograms 240 sharing tutorial and one user could record other users interacting in the shared experience.

    However, if it is a 3rd party app, you will have fewer options and need to be a little more creative if you want to try and capture the other user with this approach. In some scenarios you may be able to run the 3rd party app on both devices, set the scenes up manually so that they approximately align. Depending on the interaction you may or may not be able to mimic or trigger those interactions on the recording device. For example you might be able to get both headset to pick up voice commands if you are creative.

    Thanks HoloSheep, I'll have a look at the sharing tutorial. Syncing the app is probablt the most feasible way. Will probably be able to implement this as I'm developing the application myself. Thanks again!

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