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Disable position/rotation tracking in Unity


I'm in need to fully disable the HoloLens's position/rotation tracking as I want to overrule it with my own data coming from an external motion capture system.

I know I can parent the main camera to another transform to manipulate it but haven't found a way to disable the internal tracking data to be applied to the camera transform.

Any ideas?


  • Could you apply the inverse transform of the camera to the parent of the camera?

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  • BrekelBrekel ✭✭

    Interesting, I'll try that.
    Not sure if Unity applies that in Update, LateUpdate or somewhere internal.

  • I also would like to know where this happens! So far, if the reverse Transform is applied in Update, Movement still jaggs around and is affected by what seems to be timewarping.
    @Brekel did you have any success so far?

  • Okay, so there is a workaround:

    • put some sticky notes or something easily removable on the depth cameras left and right. front camera can be left on for gestures
    • wait until the scanning environment message has a button to enable "Limited Mode"
    • run your app (even Unity Apps!), there is now rotational tracking only.
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