Holograms 210 Ch. 5 Question

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Ch. 5 ends with "Delete the script from the AstroMan for now."

What script is this? Where is it located?

In the Unity Inspector for AstroMan are 3 scripts. Perhaps this refers to the Billboard script?

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    I didn't delete anything and the rest of 210 worked fine, but that was just Ch. 6.

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    Edited title so this is a nothingburger post.

  • After following steps described in Chapter 5 - Billboarding, a strange thing happens in spite of the billboarding effect seems to work. The problem is that I can only see the back of the AstroMan. This problem is gone after removing BillBoarding (script) from the AstroMan Inspector. I wonder whether it is a known issue. If it is, I wonder how to fix the issue. For your info, I am attaching Billboard.cs which I cloned from https://github.com/Microsoft/HolographicAcademy.git.

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