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Academy - Holograms 210 - Chapter 3. Cursor is missing

edited July 2016 in Questions And Answers

Is the cursor supposed to no longer appear after adding the Gaze Stabilizer script? I've gone through it twice and while the mesh still highlights while looking at the model, the cursor is gone. I downloaded the latest code from the git repo and made sure it's the same as mine. Am I missing something?


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  • I tried in both the emulator and my HL, and after backing up a few steps, I noted that the cursor just stays in one place. It stays where ever i was standing when i launched the application, so i couldn't see it. This still doesn't seem right, i mean it's supposed to turn into a ring when i look at AstroMan right?

  • went though it line by line and found 2 errors on my part 1) typo in CursorManager 2) i missed the line in the instructions that said, "Expand the Cursor object in the Hierarchy.". I had gone looking for the CursorOnHolograms in the prefabs folder. :#

    now to figure out why the material doesn't highlight when looking at it (yes, i uncommented the lines)

  • i'm using version 5.4.0b24 while the tutorial download shows it was made with 5.4.0b16 does this matter?

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