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Deploy error

Hi I am trying to deploy my project on visual studio but it keeps on give me this error:
"could not find sdk windows mobile version=10.0.14393.0" and "SDK folder containing UAP.props" could not be find. Did anyone else have this issue? I already installed the windows 10 sdk and installed the Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. I also installed everything needed for Unity to build correctly.


  • @lxd20,
    What are your build settings set to in Visual Studio? Also, what is your deployment target (a HoloLens or the Emulator)?

    The error message you describe sounds like attempting to deply to "Device" when there is no HoloLens connected via USB.

    If you wish to deply to the emulator, please set your options as shown in the following image. If you are deploying to a HoloLens via WiFi, you will want to select Remote Machine.


  • I got this error as well. A Msft-ie named Jamie spotted the issue. For some reason Unity was including phone stuff in the Visual Studio solution it shouldn't have. To find the bad extras, go to each project in the Visual Studio solution explorer, then click references. If you see any yellow warning icons on a reference, remove that reference. Rebuild and comment out any lines the compiler complains about no longer working (should just be one line)

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