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Wedding & Parties & Hololens this week end project

I wished there was a 1-800-HOL-OLENs a few weeks back.

I will be using Hololens for a dramatic entry(Streaming to a Projector) for a wedding related party this week.

Rarely, I get many wedding invitations which fall in a short period of time. This is a 3rd chance in a big event. Got the approval from the already concerned stressed up parties for a very small performance!!!
I will post the feedback and about the other 2 of them later!!!



  • mcarneymcarney
    edited September 2016

    I have some questions to help me understand what you are describing. Would you mind answering them?

    1. If you called 1-800-HOL-OLENS what service would you have expected to receive?

    2. Who is wearing the Hololens and what kind of information will you be streaming?

    3. What kind of invitations are you getting?

    4. Can you describe what you mean by "very small performance" ?

  • 1-800-hol.. was pun indeed!!! "I missed that" And there is no edit button to go back and fix it.

    Small performance:

    • Jet Planes flying sorties and disappearing.( a few trips back and forth up in the party hall )
    • A few minutes of dramatic entrance in to the party (focused)light showers/rays for important hosts.
    • A plane flying slowly in the hall with clouds near the ceiling. The plane's tail will have a banner announcing some info. You might have seen these kind of plane's carrying banner in its tail in the real world.

    • Some one will be wearing the Hololens. He/She will be looking at the planes sorties, then the light rays and lastly the fire works. MRC will send(stream) that video to a projector. DJs will play the music/ sounds accordingly by looking at the video.

    Normally I do not receive like 5 wedding invitations in a month. It is personal info and let us leave it.

  • Holograms flying in wedding celebration

  • Cool thanks for sharing!

    • Do wedding guests wear the Hololens and it is a fun experience for them?
    • Or does a host wear the Hololens and the guests see his view on a screen?
    • Or do both a host and guests share a Hololens?*
  • Seen On the projector screen by the guests.
    The APP runs on the Hololens. The Hololens is connected to Mixed Reality capture with the Live view ON. The PC is connected to the projector.

    The APP has a plane flying slowly with the red box covered with the Hosts names on it.
    This experience needs only one Hololens and a PC in the party hall.

    We can float any hologram in any event and project it.

  • This is like Inexpensive real time CGI for consumers.
    This idea can be used in the small kids birthday parties to large weddings.
    APPs could sell flying banners, stars or flowers or any hologram.

  • This was fun reading.... Thanks... But be careful as there is a rule about kids using the HoloLens.... I believe no one under 13 should use the HoloLens... I think that was in the agreement you made with Microsoft to get a HoloLens.... But, wedding parties is a great idea.... How have you been advertising this... You must already be connected to the wedding industry... I suppose as a DJ.... Nice work and nice idea... :)

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