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my question is regarding Hololens

  1. Is there any tracing mechanism involved with Hololens? For instance, if my hololens is stolen, how can I get it back? How can I track it? (Thanks to GPS in mobile, we can trace it)
  2. How can a end user (I mean, not a developer) load/download save data to it? For instance, movies, songs, games, etc., of user's choice? Will these entertainment features also be as holograms?

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  • Does a hololens device carry any unique ID with it? So that, with the unique ID one can remotely access it.
    I am just curious to know how the following situation can be handled(...I request you to help me with that)
    If there are x number of hololens devices operated/used within a certain range of WiFi area, and if a unit is seen missing from the WiFi area, is there any option to disable the unit remotely...so that it should go dead. Or any password protected mechanism be enabled?

    Can you also clarify on how a end user starts using the device when it is used for the first time? a new account need to be created every time it is started? Does the data get erased once it is turned off?

  • You can Pin Protect the HoloLens so that it requires a pin to log into it on startup. This would essentially disable it for unauthorized users the first time it shuts down

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