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Accessing multiple files from a Unity app, preferably with the OneDrive SDK?

edited September 2016 in Questions And Answers

Hello, I'm having some trouble with file reading and processing from my Unity app. I've seen a few examples that use the OneDrive app with the FilePicker contract, but I need to be able to read an entire folder that contains at least a few dozen files, so picking individual files is out of the question. It seems that the OneDrive SDK allows you to set up a specific folder for your app in the user's OneDrive account. This seems like a good solution since the SDK looks like it would allow me to navigate the contents of my app folder and retrieve all the files in an individual folder within my app's folder, but I've been unable to determine if the OneDrive SDK even works with the HoloLens. Does anyone know if the OneDrive SDK works with the HoloLens and if so could you give me some suggestions on getting started with it in Unity?

For the sake of thoroughness I should mention that I've looked into a few other options as well. The Documents library from the KnownFolders class doesn't seem like it would work because the files in question don't have an extension that I could associate with my app. StreamingAssets in Unity doesn't seem like it would work because it doesn't look like there's any way to determine the amount of files in the StreamingAssets folder or their names. Is there another method to read all the files in a folder that I haven't discovered yet?

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