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Actiongram Beta update

CesarGarCesarGar admin
edited November 2016 in Actiongram Beta

A new update to Actiongram Beta is now available in the store!

Here are the release notes:

What's new (September 22, 2016)

Use the thrilling new horror-themed content for all of your spooky storytelling needs leading up to Halloween. Update includes Grim Reaper, possessed doll, detached eyeball, zombie arm, and more!

The Advanced UI option will now show additional UI buttons for fine control versions of Move, Rotate, and Resize, plus a new Advanced Rotate method that makes it easier to orient holograms in any direction. The names shown for these buttons are also the voice commands to use those features.

Known issues in build 1.1609.909.0:

  1. The app might become unresponsive or restart when resuming. Save your scene before leaving Actiongram if you wish to ensure you can continue with those holograms after leaving the application.

  2. The app might take an extended period of time to start on a slow network connection. If uncertain, you can verify the application is loading by observing the cursor. It will turn from a dot to a circle when your hand moves to the ready position.

  3. Beginning to move a hologram when your hand is near the edge of the tracking area can result in the hologram snapping to an unexpected location. Start movements in front of your body to avoid this.

  4. Exiting Actiongram while recording a video can result in the inability to record videos when resuming the app. Stop recording with the "Stop Recording" voice command or a double air tap before performing a bloom or putting the device into standby with the power button.

  5. Downloading a large number of holograms from the gallery simultaneously can lead to the application crashing. Download a handful or fewer holograms at one time.

  6. The Zombie Arm holograms currently have incorrect audio, which you may wish to mute.

  7. The "Spider Rears Up" hologram currently has incorrect audio, which you may wish to mute.

  8. The "Zombie Arm Emerges" hologram can sometimes disappear when viewed from certain angles. For best results, try to keep it centered in the middle of your shot.

  9. The app may need to be restarted if you save the stage while some holograms are downloading. Wait until all holograms have downloaded before saving the stage.

  10. The app might not appear in the Start Menu. You can work around this by using the Windows Device Portal to uninstall the app and download it again from the Store.

Edit 2016-10-14: Adding item number 10 above.

I'm a Microsoft employee and a member of the HoloLens team, however I do not always speak on behalf of Microsoft.



  • I wanted to throw out a crazy idea. You have much more here with actiongram. Then just actiongram. If you add primitives, and few more functions you have a prototyping platform for holographic reality.

  • A great new beta release. I am having difficulty with the new rotate function, not exactly sure how to rotate an object

  • @imagineholos We'd love to hear more about your idea and we're glad you're enjoying the app so much!

    Actiongram Community Coordinator

  • @JR06410 Glad to hear you're enjoying the app! We're sorry to hear you're encountering difficulties with the rotate functions, though.

    The general rotation guide is sort of short, but if all goes according to plan the actions to rotate should be:

    Pinch the hologram and drag your hand along the axis you want to rotate. Left/right for horizontal, up/down for vertical.

    We'd love to know if there are any specific parts of the rotation functions that are causing you grief. Let us know!

    Actiongram Community Coordinator

  • @ActiongramMallory Hi Im a big fan ! Great work on ActionGram and on your vids . Now I have a issue ( Anyone know about Actiongram disappearing on your hololens ? I dont see it any more . I had it pinned to my start menu but it vanished. I try to re-download it and it will show me the install button once I hit install it will start install but close out really fast as if it recognizes I had it before. Any Ideas ? )

  • CesarGarCesarGar admin
    edited October 2016
    @JLaSalle, Sorry for the trouble! We are aware of the issue and we're investigating a fix. In the meantime, please use the Device Portal to uninstall the app and then download the app again from the Store.

    I'm a Microsoft employee and a member of the HoloLens team, however I do not always speak on behalf of Microsoft.

  • Thanks @CesarGar worked like a charm. The new update for Actiongram is awesome . Perfect timing for a MeetUp im attending in NYC HoloLens: Turning Data Visualization into Immersive Stories..

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