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Is their a way to replicate the pulsating spatial mapping, the sonar effect, on a Unity project?

If it is possible, can someone steer me into the right direction? I believe I have the spatial mapping down for my project, I create objects depending on the square magnitude of the plane being rendered over the mesh created by the spatial mapping. Thing is, similar to the planetarium tutorial, the initial scan is an unattractive wireframe that just pops up and is static till the next refresh. I am looking to change that and as the question and this explanation suggests, create a sonar pulse.


  • I have played around with a few variations on the spatial mapping mesh, but have not been able to creat ethe "pulse" that you see while outside of user made apps. I do know of a few modifications that could help you. Select your game object that handles the Spatial Mapping and navigate to the inspector. If you are using the Hololens Toolkit, you are probably using a script called "Spatial Mapping Manager". You can find the name of the material that it is referencing here. You can change that material to something else or change how the material appears (color, intensity, opacity, etc.). Alternately, you can uncheck the box "Draw Visual meshes" and the mesh will no longer appear in your project. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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    You can do this by writing a custom shader for the mapping material. This is not super straightforward.

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