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3D Viewer Beta update (Oct 20, 2016)

A new update to 3D Viewer Beta was released to the Store on October 20, 2016. The app version number is '1.1610.1212.0'.

This release contains bug fixes and a change in the scale control, back to the drag & drop model.

I'm a Microsoft employee and a member of the HoloLens team, however I do not always speak on behalf of Microsoft.



  • I've been developing a custom FBX converter that will plug into a visualization pipeline for a large design firm in the US. The critical feature is that it supports transforms applied to texture maps (i.e. scale and orientation) which the out-of-the-box converter supplied by Autodesk does not. As we began testing models generated by this workflow we found that the HoloLens 3d Viewer itself does not support these features either!

    Though it may seem like a minor detail in the face of everything else that the HoloLens does provide, rest assured the ability to control texture map is paramount in the field of design visualization. Until this is supported my company and our plans for the HoloLens are at a standstill.

    Perhaps I am missing something, in which case please straighten me out, but I have created other test models with industry standard tools such as 3ds Max only to end up at the same conclusion.

  • So this can be used as the simplest way to view 3d scenes/objects created in MS Paint 3d? This would be a really quick way to demo creations.

  • After the latest 3d Viewer update, many of my FBX files are not readable any more.
    What is going on?

  • agree with Czar, now I get message saying that the fbx is too unstable to be able to open another model, so it won't even open the first one. Quite disappointing to lose functionality like this (previous version loaded ok)

  • @Czar said:
    After the latest 3d Viewer update, many of my FBX files are not readable any more.
    What is going on?

    I have looked on Feedback hub/HoloLens and there are no reports of this.

    Please can you report his via the HoloLens Emulator or HoloLens Feedback Hub

    There is a new version being tested on Windows 10 Insider build 14800 currently for PC version, but will be made compatible with HoloLens

  • See the thread here for more information on 3D update

  • Hi @dangwalsh
    I have one model which is in one drive. i select or pick that model with FilePicker. But now how can i Load or Instantiate that model ? i research and found that possible with AssetBundle but i don't want to use Unity Editor. So, please help me to develop Custom Fbx Converter Thanks in Advanced.

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    In terms of an app there is Vertostudio which does a pretty good job of opening FBX files. If you want to build your own code you could look at UniFBX. I can't comment on the quality of it as I haven't used it.

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