Anyone have any optimized FBX samples to share?

I've converted a few models but don't have many on hand with the materials and textures optimized to show up in the viewer. Models look good but are all matte white. Anyone have any optimized demo models they can point to? Examples that map to various industries would be really interesting (e.g. medical equipment for healthcare, architectural models, machine parts for manufacturing, etc.) Thanks!


  • @JeffVilimek

    Not necessarily optimized for HoloLens but a good source of 3D models is
    3D Warehouse which according to last weeks announcement is also going to be partnering with the new (requires Edge generation browser) site that Microsoft announced last week as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update announcements.


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  • Thanks for the pointer. I'll explore a bit and see if I can find some good ones that show up with color/texture. If anyone else finds some good ones there, let me know. Thanks!

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