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QR Scan in UWP with USB2.0 Webcam and Kinect 2

Jimbohalo10Jimbohalo10 ✭✭✭
edited November 2016 in Projects

This is a modification of the original project in Unity QR Code/Barcode Scanner and Generator---Cross Platform
Please make sure you BUY a copy of this Unity Asset Store app,
if you intend to work with it

This was for Android and iOS (iPhone), which have been disabled. To make this work with UWP the original plugins have been removed. The Multitasking had be disabled at its not needed.
Make sure you are running Windows Anniversary (14393).
Get WinRAR to extract the Unity Import package at bottom of page
Create a New Unity app call it
"QRcodeScanUWp54f3". Go to Asset Import custom package from downloaded location
When imported click on Assets\Scene and double click on "Assets\QRcode\Scene"
Click on Unity player icon.
On a USB2.0 webcam a large A4 picture was QR code was detected.

If you use Kinect 2, firstly remove USB plug and uninstall driver. Reinstall plug and the new driver date 17th October 2016 version 1701 is loaded which will enable Web Cam Kinect 2.
Use the Windows 10 Camera app to test this.

Now run the Unity Player again and use Kinect 2 webcam with QRcode. See how much quicker this works.

The new code for UWP is in Assets\QRcode\Plugins\WSAPlayer called zxing.unity.dll

That's all you really need to read QR in UWP and HoloLens.

Rebuild using WSA Player, select the WebCam and microphone capabilities and this will deploy as a WSA app on Windows 10
This will also work on a Lumina 635 Windows 10 (14393) phone without modification

Finally try on the HoloLens device and add the HoloLens Toolkit Webcam, which is the only bit untested now

Good Luck


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