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Get JSON Data from server. - Unity Project


  • Developing on Unity -
    I am trying to get some data from the server. Accessing the server via a URL. I have also checked the 'Internet Client' and 'Internet Client Server' capabilities, still the data is not getting downloaded. Here is the script attached to one of the Game Objects.

using System.Collections;
using System;

public class Http : MonoBehaviour

 * Add all objects here  
public static Image goodPacksDialScript;
public static Text goodPacksTextScript;
public static Text badPacksTextScript;

public static Image upTimeDialScript;
public static Text upTimeTextScript;
public static Text downTimeTextScript;

public static Text performaceTextScript;

public static Text throughputTextScript;

public static Text logTextScript;

public static Text speedTextScript;

public static float goodPacksPercentage;
public static Text goodPacksPercentageText;

// Inner data 

public string url = "http://test-225410.nitrousapp.com:4000/cur_data";
private Data data;
public class Data
    public string[] data;

void Start()
    // setup refs
    goodPacksDialScript = GameObject.Find("GPDial").GetComponent<Image>();
    goodPacksTextScript = GameObject.Find("GPCount").GetComponent<Text>();
    badPacksTextScript = GameObject.Find("BPCount").GetComponent<Text>();
    goodPacksPercentageText = GameObject.Find ("GPPercentage").GetComponent<Text> ();

    upTimeDialScript = GameObject.Find("UTDial").GetComponent<Image>();
    upTimeTextScript = GameObject.Find("UTCount").GetComponent<Text>();
    downTimeTextScript = GameObject.Find("DTCount").GetComponent<Text>();

    performaceTextScript = GameObject.Find("PerScore").GetComponent<Text>();

    throughputTextScript = GameObject.Find("TPCount").GetComponent<Text>();

    logTextScript = GameObject.Find("LSCount").GetComponent<Text>();

    speedTextScript = GameObject.Find("SpeedCount").GetComponent<Text>();

    // call updater


IEnumerator Request()
    Debug.Log("Requesting values");
    WWW www = new WWW(url);
    yield return www;
    if (www.error != null)
        print("There was an error getting the data: " + www.error);
        yield break;
    string json = www.text;
    data = JsonUtility.FromJson<Data>(json);
    //for (int i = 0; i < data.data.Length; i++)
    //    Debug.Log(data.data[i]);

    goodPacksDialScript.fillAmount = (float)(Int32.Parse(data.data[4]) / (float)Int32.Parse(data.data[6]));
    goodPacksTextScript.text = data.data[4];
    badPacksTextScript.text = data.data[5];
    goodPacksPercentage = (float)(Int32.Parse (data.data [4])) / ((float)(Int32.Parse (data.data [4])) + (float)(Int32.Parse (data.data [5]))) * 100;
    goodPacksPercentageText.text = Math.Round (goodPacksPercentage, 0).ToString()+"%";

    upTimeDialScript.fillAmount = (float)(Int32.Parse(data.data[7]) / ((float)Int32.Parse(data.data[7]) + Int32.Parse(data.data[8])));
    upTimeTextScript.text = data.data[7];
    downTimeTextScript.text = data.data[8];

    throughputTextScript.text = data.data[9];

    logTextScript.text = data.data[3];

    speedTextScript.text = data.data[10];

IEnumerator UpdateValues()
    while (true)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(5);

// Update is called once per frame
void Update()



Can anyone help ?



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