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World Anchor Sharing - Unity

I am trying to follow this guide in order to get my own network code for world anchor sharing in Unity.
I currently have some working codes that can send the data from one hololens to the other. However, the call to
WorldAnchorTransferBatch.ExportAsync(transferBatch, OnExportDataAvailable, OnExportComplete);
generates eight instances of OnExportDataAvailable with bytes array of different sizes (from 4 bytes to more than 400kB). I tried to use each array independantly with
WorldAnchorTransferBatch.ImportAsync(importedData, OnImportComplete);
But the object that is related to the world anchor is not changing position, or at least does not seem to become closer to the position seen from the Hololens sending the anchor.

The unity documentation does not bring much light on this issue
Does anybody have experience with those functions and can help me make sense of the output/input of WorldAnchorTransferBatch?



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