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Windows Store App Icon is default Unity icon

edited December 2016 in General

I published a HoloLens app to the Windows Store. The application promo page on the Windows Store is displaying the default Unity Icon (see below). Here is the listing for my app showing the default icon:

Where/how do I configure that icon to display my app's icon instead of the default Unity icon?

Things I've done so far:
— I have submitted revised packages with all the Windows Store Logo assets populated in Project Settings > Player > Settings for Windows Store > Icon > Store Logo. The icon in the store is a 180x180 size icon, but that is not an available logo size in Unity.
— Under Project Settings > Player > Settings for Windows Store > Icon > Universal 10 Tiles and Logos I have populated only the 100% sized icons for each of the selections (Square 44x44, etc.)
— On the Windows app submission page under Store Listings I included the 300x300 App Title Icon and all the icons under Promotional artwork.


  • edited December 2016

    In the Player settings, these are the images that I supply with my applications. In the store, I see my app's image and not the Unity logo.

    Store Logo:

    • Scale 100% (50x50)

    Universal 10 Tiles and Logos:

    • Scale 200% (88x88)
    • Target size 24 (24x24)

    Square 150x150 Logo:

    • Scale 200% (300x300)

    Wide 310x150 Logo:

    • Scale 200% (620x300)


  • Thanks for the secret sauce. Did you mean to include Target size 24 (24x24)? I see a 24x24 size under Windows Tiles and Logos > Small Log > Scale 80% (24x24 pixels)

    BTW: do you have to edit the icon names in Visual Studio after doing a Unity build? I found that I get a VS build error unless I remove the ".scale-100" from the filenames of 2 of the icons (310x310 and 71x71).
    e.g., Square310x310Logo.scale-100.png must be renamed Square310x310Logo.png
    I assume this is happening because the Package.appxmanifest lists the following (although I only get the VS build error if I don't adjust the 71 and 310 sized assets, not the 310x150 asset, so that's not consistent):

  • BTW: here is the error I get when making a Store build in VS:

    App manifest references the image 'Assets\Square71x71Logo.png' which does not have a candidate in main app package. Heart Rate Monitor C:\Users\ellio\Documents\HRMDemoBuilds\pub3\Heart Rate Monitor\Package.appxmanifest 19

    I made a build with the additional assets you listed and I solved the 2 errors by adding duplicated/renamed icons for the 71 and 310 sizes. I'll update this thread after the latest submission has been published.

  • Something worked. The icon in the Windows store now shows up properly:

    It seems that none of the icons in the Store Logo section are used for the Windows Store app promo page

    The changes I made are the following, so one of these must be responsible for displaying the store icon:
    Universal 10 Tiles and Logos: Scale 200% (88x88)
    Square 150x150 Logo: Scale 200% (300x300
    Wide 310x150 Logo: Scale 200% (620x300)
    Small Logo: Scale 80% (24x24)
    I also duplicated the 2 icon assets (71 & 310 sizes) that caused Visual Studio errors when building for the store and I renamed the duplicates without the appended ".scale-100" text. e.g., Square310x310Logo.scale-100.png became Square310x310Logo.png.

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