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In the hololens tutorial Hologram 210, the Fitbox.cs was used to make the hologram academy logo locked to the user's head. But if I change the name of this piece of code to "Fit.cs" or "Trial.cs", it won't work even if the codes are exactly the same. Does anyone know why the name of "Fitbox" has a magic power? Thanks!


  • Continuing, I have commented out most of the code in Fitbox.cs but the blue "Hologram Academy" logo still moves with me in the Hololens. Has anyone really successfully handled the code of Fitbox.cs? It's so weird to me how this code works!

  • When you rename the source file from Fitbox.cs to something else like Trial.cs, you also need to rename the class contained by the source file. This is a Unity thing.

    The "Holographic Academy" logo is a child component of the Fitbox prefab. Its motion is controlled by the parameters passed to the Interpolator object in Fitbox.Start() and Fitbox.LateUpdate(). The Interpolator object itself is created in Fitbox.Start().

  • @timg
    Thanks for your reply! I created a new project and a new game object in that project. I copy and paste the Fitbox.cs code and drag it to the new game object. But the hologram won't move with my head in this case. It turned out that Fitbox.cs only works in the original project downloaded from Hololens tutorial (I created a game object in the original project and drag the Fitbox.cs in, it works!). Is this due to the Fitbox prefab? Do you have any idea why this happens? Thanks a lot!

  • Fitbox also requires Interpolator.cs.

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