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From the sharing with UNET example, can we fore HoloLens to resync ?

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Hello everyone !

In the example "Sharing with UNET" from the HoloToolKit, I noticed a regular issue :

the HoloLens spatialisation could beeing bad synchronized between the HoloLens : you know, users have a red cube as their head, but it can happen that the red cube is shifted from the user's head, then all the spatial scene is bad synchronized.

I would like to know if it's possible from the Microsoft's scripts to force the HoloLens to resynchronize their space between them.

bonus question : can we know when the HoloLens are synchronizing or having a huge network usage ? during this happen, the holograms aren't stable and the application seems to drop a lot of FPS.

Sorry for my bad english, and thanks for your help :)



  • up ?

  • @Sandvitch do you have the answer? i have the same question

  • dbarrettdbarrett ✭✭✭

    @baby2nana you can force a Sharing with Unet to re-anchor from the host HoloLens. In the current MRTK, you can do this as follows:


    I believe there is a script now that is called ResetAnchorButton.cs that you just have to attach to a button or object and it will call it for you whenever you air tap on it.

    AR Developer

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