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Vuforia with Holelens sharing

When using VUFORIA to view objects, can I use the Sharing feature to allow multiple people to see the same screen?



  • Dear Yiseob,
    did you find a solution? Because currently I am also looking for a solution to this Problem.

  • bump

  • Yes you can use vuforia and sharing. The host would scan the marker and see the model. You would then need to send a message from the host to the clients to tell them what model to display and where.


  • Hello mark_grossnickle,
    We have a Vuforia app on Hololens. We need to display what the user is seeing thru Hololens on to a screen. Would you be able to provide us guidance on how best to do this? Built in Live Streaming doesn't work with a Vuforia app. Thanks.

  • Use spectator view and a second device (another hololens or iphone). The second device can display to a screen.


  • Sure seems like the already built in Miracast feature may do what you need. Have you tried it yet?

  • Would Miracast be able to access the camera while vuforia is using the camera? Think that is the underlining issue. Would be cool if it works... otherwise I think you need something like the iphone spectator to capture what is going on while the device's camera is tied up with vuforia.

    Unless you only need vuforia for setup? Like viewing a marker. Then you could turn vuforia off and enable the stream after setup was complete.


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