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Hololens: Get scale from spatial understanding plane

I'm currently working with Hololens, where I make an app to place objects in the room. I use the spatial understanding script (from fragments) to place the objects (the user can place them with gaze input and tap). Now I have to be able to scale the object to the right size of the available space. How can I find how big the plane the user wants to put the object on?


  • How can I find how big the plane the user wants to put the object on?

    I would suggest using the SurfaceMeshesToPlanes script found in the HoloToolkit and turn whichever planes you wish (walls, floor, etc.) into whatever you want, nothing if you want to keep it the same. Then call SurfaceMeshesToPlanes.Instance.GetActivePlanes(PlaneType) to get all of the planes you want. Then find the plane the user has placed it on and get the gameObject.transform.localScale to find out how big the plane is.

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