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How to record a real world event to that it can be reproduced in Spatial Sound?

I want to be able to capture sound at an event, and reproduce it so that it sounds right in HoloLens.
What Microphone setup would I need?
How then would you place the sound "all around" spatially in Unity?



  • stepan_stulovstepan_stulov ✭✭✭
    edited February 2017

    I doubt that is possible with HoloLens's API only. I don't think it records audio with any spatial information, it just "flattens" it. You may be able to process the audio signal on your own but that's proper science then if possible at all.

    What you can alway do is a solution where you supply the position of the sound source yourself. For instance if you wish to record someone's voice, ask her to stand in a certain point in the room. That can even be a holographic marker. Once recorded, save the audio file as well as the position in form of a distance to the camera or in form of a world anchor. Then simply put the audio source to that position. You may then want to compensate the volume level if the volume decline curve is known (which I believe it is in Unity).


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  • @Journeyman_Dan,
    Are you looking to record a sound on your HoloLens using the environmental microphones and then spatialize it?

    Or are you interested in how to record a sound (in a studio or in the field) for the best sound in HoloLens?


  • @DavidKlineMS the later. I'm trying to capture the _ambient _ sound at an event, in the field, not a single point of sound.

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