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How can I debug an app that's running on the HoloLens device? What debugging commands should I write into C#/Unity, and then how can I see that info real-time as I run the app on HL? Thanks!


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  • 'using Visual Studio 2015' is great, but completely non-specific. HOW do you debug? Do you set the config to DEBUG? Are there other command to issue? Menu Debug/Start Debugging doesn't seem to 'just do it'

  • @WearableAR,
    Debugging HoloLens applications is very similar to debugging any mobile application. Setting the configuration to debug and using Debug > Start Debugging (or F5) will build with fewer optimizations, launch the application and attach to the process.

    You will be able to set breakpoints, step through your code, examine memory, etc.


  • FWIW, I work almost exclusively in 'release', including while I'm debugging. Performance when building debug is very poor.

    Be sure to set the debugging mode to mixed (managed and native) and turn off 'Just my code'.

    In a default install, Unity symbols are at:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity Hololens 5.4.0b16-HTP\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\MetroSupport\Players\UAP\dotnet\x86\release

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