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Simple Point Cloud Viewer

As a proof of concept we are looking at viewing xyz Point Cloud data directly in the Hololens. We don't want to render it before viewing we just want to load an xyz file and then see the dots appear in space and allow us to pick it up an use it A use-case for this is to scan an object in one room, then use the Hololens to see if the object will fit in the second room.

We can code this up without too much problem as the xyz format is easy to work with, but I was wondering whether anybody has done this before - as it will avoid us having to do the coding.


  • I am interested in this as well. How would you go about managing the object. would you create a new GameObject for every single Point ( seems to be very performance consuming) or do you have a different idea?

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    To be honest I haven't really thought about the 'how' too much. I just have seen some examples where people have done animated point clouds - I just would have thought that they would have started with something much simpler. But I agree with what you are saying if you render a GameObject per point it is not going to look pretty performance-wise.

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    @HoloFan. We have this working now. We purchased the Point Cloud Viewer and Tools plugin for Unity. We have only tried it on small point clouds but it seems to work okay. We are going to try out some bigger ones soon.

  • @Peter_NZ Were you able to bring the point cloud to HoloLens using Point Cloud Viewer? Was that process through the Unity app for HoloLens? Can you share what you have learnt?


  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    The Point Cloud Viewer was useful in this respect in that you could add the point cloud to your Unity project as an asset which would be compiled into a binary or you could load it from a file (e.g. hosted on a web folder) - which is what we did. The rendering doesn't use game objects which is a good thing as it allows the Hololens to handle the large number of points.

    I might get my developer Shayne to post a bit more about this.

  • Hi @OceanVN,

    We used the Point Cloud Viewer and Tools from the Unity Asset Store. This provided everything we needed so we could just load a scene and input the XYZ point cloud data and it would draw the points for you. All we had to do in unity was select the correct settings for the XYZ file (eg. Read RGB, Flip YZ, scaling etc.) and build it to a visual studio solution.

    In Unity we used one of the scenes from the Point Cloud Viewer and Tools and slightly modified it to suit the HoloLens. Like changing the camera values (Clear Flags & Background).

    For the code side of things it would process all the data into an array of Vector3's. This is great as it allows us to manipulate them like rotation or movement without being too performance consuming.

  • @ShayneKiekebosch I'm currently trying to do the same thing. I'm trying to import a static point cloud object into unity to view on the hololens. Did you use convert point cloud to mesh or convert point cloud to binary?

  • Is it possible to load multiple point cloud file in Hololens. Is there a way to load the point cloud in Hololens from drive or some local Folder in hololens

  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    I worked with Shayne on this.

    Yes, we just had the XYZ file sitting on the file system. If we were going to take this further we would have connected it to a website and downloaded the files that way.

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