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World Anchors get out of sync

Hi, I am trying to get a shared experience to work correctly with 2 devices such that both users can tap a hologram and move it around the room.

What is working correctly thus far

  • I launch the app on device 1, it connects to the sharing service
  • I also have the remote head manager running so I see Spheres around other user's heads
  • I launch the app on the device 2, and after a few seconds, it is able to get the world anchor from the device 1 and the starting hologram then moves to the same location as seen on the first device.
  • If I move the hologram from the device 1 (using a modified version of TapToPlace), the updated transform information is sent to the sharing service and the second device is able to download the updated transform position and rotation.
    Here is where the issues start

  • If I move the hologram from the device 2, the two devices get out of sync and the world anchors stop getting updated.

  • After moving a hologram from device 2, device 2 no longer gets an updated position when I move the hologram on device 1.

Because a lot of this code is event driven and there are multiple update loops running checking state and whatnot it makes it difficult to trace visually and debug. I am aware that there is the holograms 240 course, which I am familiar with, but I want to get a sample working using the actual holotoolkit and not the version that is used in that course.

Has anyone else run into this sort of scenario or is there something I am missing here?

Unit Project structure

(I have my TapToPlaceWithSharing script attached to the cube object)


  • I know this is an old post but were you able to solve this? I'm running into a similar error.

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