Sharing World Archored Positions with HoloToolkit-Unity

I am trying to setup my app to shared dynamically created game objects with multiple HoloLens' that are in the same room. I took a loot at the Sharing example in the Academy and it works just the way I wanted. I tried to replicate the code from the Academy example in my app and I can successfully share information about my objects but I get figure out how to get each HoloLens to see the objects at the same location in the room. All of the objects have the correct relative positions but the global positions are off. I also looked at the SharingSpawnTest from the toolkit and it seems to have the same issue as my app. All of the spawned objects have correct relative positions but they end up in different locations in the room.
What is the special code in the Academy example which gets everything to line up for each HoloLens? I cannot seem to find it.


  • I am having the same issues, the example in HoloAcademy 240, the global shared anchors are pretty off. Is it because the WorldAnchorStore not refreshing persistent models? I see the proper head rotations but the positions do not match.

  • Did you guys solve this problem? I am running into a similar issue.

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