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World anchors in hierarchies

edited May 2017 in Questions And Answers

I am curious about a few things about world anchors. When you are dealing with a hierarchy of objects, what are the best practices for assigning world anchors?

  1. If a place a world anchor on the parent object, does every other object in the hierarchy will be locked too?

  2. If the first question is not true, should I place world anchors on individual child objects in addition to the one on the parent?

  3. Am I able to transform any of the child objects freely because they don't have a world anchor directly assigned to them?

  4. I have an anchor on the parent object. What happens if I'm dealing with animations only on the child objects? Will the objects be unable to move?

  5. I know that in order to move an anchored object I need to remove the anchor first and place it again after it is in the new position. Is this true for the entire hierarchy as well?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Both answers are pretty concise and definitely complement each other. Thanks guys!

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