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Improvements for Storytelling with ActionGram

edited June 2017 in Actiongram Beta

I have enjoyed making short clips using the effects provided in ActionGram, and like the ease of use, but quickly run into difficulties when trying to make anything resembling a story. What I mean is, you are provided with the triggers of 'on gaze', 'on start', and 3, 5, 10, etc.. seconds to make an animation play. I'm not asking for a full blown movie editor, but what if you want to have a 2nd animation play immediately AFTER 1st animation? Or 2 more animations start after the 2nd? You can see how it can quickly get very complicated. In animation, timing is everything.

Option 1

We need a TIMELINE to line up clips. I can think of two ways to achieve this. The first would be an animation software type of timeline (a dopesheet) where you add the actiongram animations, and align the timings. That would be the idea for animation. Being able to scrub through an animation and choose when the next one starts would take Actiongram to a whole new level.

Option 2

if that's not in the cards, and thinking of how to create animations in real-world space, maybe a workaround, could be achieved using some of the existing features. I noted a "replace" feature, where you can replace one hologram with another. Well, maybe we could have an option to stack a few holograms on top of each other in the 'budget'. The queued holograms don't add to the budget until they appear, and add an option for 'replace on animation end' (so the hologram coordinates would align).

Some ideas:

  1. one animation comes within a [definable] radius of another one.
    Example: Knight walks towards dragon. Dragon flies when knight comes too close

  2. Set triggers for 2nd animation to start after 1st one finishes.

  • #1 Knight swings sword. TRIGGER: on movie start.
  • #2 dragon rears up. TRIGGER: on movie start.
  • #3 Dragon dies. TRIGGER: on Knight swing sword finish, #1. REPLACES #2
  • #4 Knight celebrates. TRIGGER: dragon dies, #3. REPLACES #1
  1. Narrate the story
  • #1 Knight idle animation
  • #2 Knight walking animation. TRIGGER: when storyteller says "our hero"

What do you think?




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