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Holograms 240: Shared anchors not very accurate?

What governs the accuracy of shared anchors? When I got to the placement part of the tutorial, placing the anchored object doesn't seem to work very well. It shows up in two completely different parts of my room on each device. Yet, the head that hovers around the other user's hololens is roughly accurate.

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Best Answer


  • You may want to consider a small UX and some mesh processing around having "sufficient spatial context" to save and export the anchor. This may also be useful on the receiving end. I haven't tried this before, but it may help to improve the quality of the experience. You could skip the interactive bit entirely if you process the mesh and find sufficient context to anchor your content.
  • I've been banging my head against this problem too.

    I deleted the spatial mapping data from hololens and just captured the one room i was in and now it seems to work.

    I think the problem was that i had a huge capture of my house and the system was getting confused.

  • Whenever I have problems i generally fix them by doing this:

    1) shut down the server and bring it back up

    2) start up with 1 hololens, wait till the blue cursor light goes away and a white one shows up, then select your avatar and place the anchor somewhere distinct after scanning the room. It can take many minutes, and if the blue light never goes away i try again a few times and if nothing works i delete the hololens space and rescan.

    3) launch on the 2nd hololens set. Wait till the cursor turns yellow and then pick your avatar. If the cursor never stops being yellow i delete the hololens space.

    Be ready for frustration, and amazement when it works.

  • I am struggling with this demo as well. I have a large meeting room (holds maybe 50 people with a large empty space in the middle. I think the wifi is a mesh. Doesn't HoloLens use wifi for localization? Would the mesh be a problem? What about distance to room features? How far is too far to be used for it's spatial mapping?

    My problem is that the HoloLens renders the main hologram in the same place (on both HoloLenses) when I run in a smaller room, but the large one is problematic.

  • Patrick Would you be willing to go over how to properly create and export anchor data from one hololense to another? I'm not sure how to send anchor data through the custom message script. and the documentation to me seems to be taking a very different approach.

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