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HoloLens Feedback: Right angle USB cable

Just a suggestion, but it would be nice if the USB charging and tethering cable came with a right angle on the micro usb end.

Personally I find that I usually leave the units sitting in the shell case to charge since it is a nice safe consistent place for the lenses and the unit.

Being that our environment is rather dusty, I also like to flip the lid of the case over gently on top of the lens. The straight connector on the micro end of the USB cable however means that the top of the case puts undue pressure on the cable and the connection on the device.

If that end of the cable were right angled, the case could partially cover a charging HoloLens protecting the lenses from dust while leaving adequate ventilation and not bending or stressing the charging cable and connection socket.

I will probably end up buying my own cables for my existing units, but it seems like a minor design change that would be easy to incorporate into future product and would add a subtle but useful aspect to the package design.

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  • I have voted up the original post and second this suggestion. To add to it, when I am on and off with the device during development, the headband is often rotated and expanded, which gets in the way of the USB cable when using it to deploy to the device over USB.

  • We have these in the office... very much prefer them to the straight model. I don't know how we got them but I'm pretty sure we just went and bought a bunch of right angle USB cables. I can't recommend a specific one but as long as it fits spec you should be good. Makes life much easier wearing the device while plugged in or if you want to set the device down right side up and not have the cable awkwardly hitting the surface below.

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  • +1 this. I got a cable that ended up angled along the visor and was long enough that I could close the shell completely and have the other end plugged in outside.

  • I'm realy agree with this proposition. Very good idea to solve the problem. Otherwise please consider to move the plug on the top or something like that.

    edited August 2017

    As far as Right angle USB cable, I prefer this Right angle cable that both of right angle on the end, With grey nylon braided .

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