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Unity play mode bug with 16241

is there an ETA for the fix to the 16241 Unity play mode bug? is there any workarounds to test on the Acer headset in the Unity editor? thanks!

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  • FranklinChenFranklinChen admin
    edited July 2017

    is there an ETA for the fix to the 16241 Unity play mode bug?

    @bzor Could you please describe what the "bug" you mentioned is? What's version of Unity you're using?

  • sorry thought that was common knowledge, just getting set up with the Acer HMD and motion controllers here..

    the editor crashes when play is pressed in 16241 with unity 2017 beta v3.. has that been resolved?

    under flight notes: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/windows_insider_flight_notes

    "Unity Play Mode is broken with this build. We are actively working on this issue and hope to resolve it next week."

  • ok great thanks!

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