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Spatial Understanding and adding inquires/objects

edited July 2017 in Discussion

Hey guys,

I am trying to learn using the spatial understanding example provided in the HoloLensToolKit.

So far I have only managed to add discoverable objects to the UI menu (to find a position) (a cabinet by specifying rect dimensions) via the shape definition script.

What I want is to have the labels that appear next to the cursor after scanning is complete it list objects like "other" "floor" "Wall External" etc. I am afraid I have looked but haven't really had any luck on how to add/edit these queries. I am relatively new to script but I am trying to figure this out however I am feeling a little lost at this point.

Edit. Ok after finding the location(script) that queries reside in (the spatialunderstandingdll) I believe that I am now trying to figure out how to make the conditions for inquery appear when it scans. Example if it scans a cabinet the term cabinet appears. (I got it to appear/recognize under the shapes menu so I guess I need to figure out how to get it to do the same here.

Any insight would be most appreciated.

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