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Build 16257.1 is out...

ahalimahalim ✭✭
edited August 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

Crossing my fingers and trying this one now...
Hopefully the MR Portal crash problem is fixed.

If you've installed it, please share your experience, thanks!


  • I am installing it now. Did you get anywhere with it?

  • It was taking looong time. I left it running in the office. Tomorrow morning will continue.
  • I have it installed. It's working great, and the cliff house looks fantastic!

  • Sounds good! Looking forward to using mine tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing it.
  • Unity Play mode seems more stable with the MR Portal compared to the .0 release. The "Play" startup on the MR portal fires up without having to restart and I can "Play and Stop" multiple times now and it displays the game view cleanly. Only problem I encountered was doing a (Ctrl-B) Build-Run on Unity that hanged. Restarting MR Portal wouldn't fix it and I eventually had to do a computer reboot.

  • Build-Run has never worked with Windows Store Projects, as far as I have ever been aware. This is because of the need for Visual Studio to do a second build into an AppX package that Unity cannot do.

  • Build-Run worked on 16257.0 and .1 for me on my setup (Unity 2017.2.0b4 + VS 2017 Pro). I'm actually surprised it was working when I setup on .0 and happy it still works on .1 -- except for the hang I experienced that a reboot resolved. I'm trying to replicate the hang condition with Unity Play Mode then a Build-Run but so far my MR Portal has been stable.

  • Hmmm, really good to know. Thanks @Richie

  • The MR Portal is running fine now. But I am hitting into other problem.
    The app, even the MR250 sample app consistently hit into AV exception.
    This exception did occur occasionally in the past, but now this is happening all the time.
    Here is the stack trace (btw it happens for both x86 and x64)
    Can someone report this to MS ?

  • @ahalim -- you can submit the error details directly using "Feedback Hub" app on your development workstation. Specify the "Mixed Reality" category so it gets attention from the engineering team.

  • @Ritchie sounds good, thx for the input
  • Do you need to be in the "fast" ring to get this update? I'm still in 16237, and cant get the new update yet.

  • yes you need to be in 'fast'.

  • @ahalim said:
    yes you need to be in 'fast'.


  • I finally got the update after a long download and install period, and it crashes constantly. The crashes are actually worse than the previous build.

  • @josemiralles said:
    I finally got the update after a long download and install period, and it crashes constantly. The crashes are actually worse than the previous build.

    Yes, exactly the same issue I am having. It must be the same stack too right ? See my stack trace pix. I am currently planning to use my desktop computer with radeon cpu. Looks like the notebook with gtx 1070 combination (I have 2 notebooks both failed) are not giving me any lucks.

  • edited August 2017

    It was working fine on the 1st and the 2nd (Tuesday and Wednesday). It wasn't until the third that it started crashing.

    EDIT: I should probably add my sys specs
    RX480, i5 6500, 8gbs ddr4 ram

  • I'm at build 16252 and I can no longer run holoworld in the mixed reality portal w/o Unity freezing. Logging out/in gets me back, but I've had to stop testing from unity with Project Settings > XR Settings > Virtual Reality Supported > Windows Mixed Reality SDK.

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