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Inputs suppresed when entering VR Mode

edited August 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

Hi everyone, I have been testing babylonjs with the Microsoft mixed AR/VR device, and whenever I put the headset on my head, all inputs get disabled. I can no longer use mouse, keyboard or gamepads when running a game inside babylonjs. It is no related to babylon directly, because in mixed portal software is happening the same.

If I quit the headset from my head (I guess is related to the proximity sensor), I can listen my character walking in the scene so it works when headset is off (really weird).

I have been looking the device settings but I could not find anything related with this behaviour.

I hope you have a clue about this.



  • Ok, I have been told the spatial controllers have been fixed on the latest window insider version. I am about to download it. It might get fixed.

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