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Fiducial Markers?

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out a good way to have an immersive headset (the HP flavor) recognize something in the physical environment, and fiducial markers would be a good way to do it. I can't find anything in the developer docs, but it feels like a feature that would be supported. Does anyone have any experience trying to do this? Alternatively, can anyone say for sure that it is not supported?


  • I haven't used the HP headset, but if, like the Acer device, it does not make a webcam available to the application I wouldn't expect fiducial markers to work.

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  • @Patrick is correct, neither the Acer or the HP have the webcam available. They are used exclusively for tracking

  • @Jesse_McCulloch said:
    @Patrick is correct, neither the Acer or the HP have the webcam available. They are used exclusively for tracking

    Right, I know they are used for tracking - I guess the question is whether anything like fiducial marker recognition is planned to be available from the tracking pipeline. Are there any docs outlining specifics about the tracking, or is it all super confidential? On a somewhat related note, I will want to do some qualitative tracking testing at some point, and I wonder if I can query the tracking process for useful information vs designing a black box test.

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