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Add Gesture control in Hololens App

I developp an app who work with QRCode.
First the app works with Voice -> 'go' to begin scan and 'end' to stop and reset the scan.
But i don't develop gaze and gestiture management, i would like to airtap for begin the scan, and other gesture to finish or reset the scan ...
The code is here ==>https://github.com/sancho0410/QRCodeReader
I use ZXing custom library from Mike Taulty (https://mtaulty.com/2016/12/28/windows-10-uwp-qr-code-scanning-with-zxing-and-hololens/)

Every One have some idea for add gesture control to my app ?

Thanks ;)

PS : Sorry for my bad english


  • In your engine.cs, I think you want something like:

     bool scanning = false;
        void Start()
            SpatialInteractionManager.GetForCurrentView().SourcePressed += ((sender, args) => 
            { if (scanning)
                    OnEndScan(); // or whatever you want the end the scan tap to do...
                    scanning = false;
                    scanning = true;

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  • Hi,
    Thanks to your comment, i try to using your solution but VS doesn't know "SpatialInteractionManager" (empty script or classe in the HolotoolKit with this name !) in the Unity VS editor (in VS without Unity, no problem)
    Have you an idea with use InteractionManager, GazeManager etc.

    Thanks a lot !

  • I think i find a solution !
    I use this code :
    recognizer = new GestureRecognizer();
    recognizer.TappedEvent += (source, tapCount, ray) =>{/Code to launch with airtap/};

    And it's works !
    I also add Holotoolkit InputManager into my scene and use interface IInputClickHandler but nothing ...

    Thanks =)

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