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New HL apps

At the end of the week I usually would check the store for new HL apps. Has anyone found a way to do this given the new setup of the MS store?



  • Peter_NZPeter_NZ ✭✭✭

    I know annoying isn't it!!! Have a posted this here as well. Lets hope Microsoft fixes this.

  • @awonnink - No good way at the moment. I have a direct line to the Store Team, so if you have a few minutes, tell me how you would ideally like the store set up for Holographic and Immersive Headset apps. I can pass that feedback, and any other feedback about the store experience, on to the team.

  • I think the strategic part to present apps to new customers is probably best left to Microsoft, as they have the overview. But at least it should not be impossible to find new and older apps. When I look at the statistics of the two small (experimental) apps we haven published: there hasn't been a single new download since the change of the store.
    So as it stands there is not much hope for new (public) apps, unless they happen to arrive in the noteworthy list. Or am I overlooking something?

  • Maybe just a category or search term '3D' would resolve the problem, distinguishing flat-screen apps that can also be used in HL from those that make use of 3D feature of HL and MR devices.

  • Chris_RowsellChris_Rowsell ✭✭
    edited August 2017
    WOW what a horrendously bad decision!! I was wondering how come my downloads had flat lined recently!! This change kills the indie dev motivation to create any content for this platform. The HL store layout was fine as it was...

    Adding a 'noteworthly' category in addition to the existing category would have been the better approach as it would motivated us devs to create quality content in order to earn our place on that list but replacing the original category now makes it almost a waste of effort in creating apps, they will never be seen or used, what would be the point!?
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