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Camera Position in Unity

Hi, I am going through the HoloLens Academy exercises, and in HOL101, I configured the transforms for the camera and the OrigamiCollection as specified in the exercise. In the game preview window, the positioning appears correct and the hologram appears within the camera's view. When I play the app through the Unity player or deploy the app to the MR Portal, the origami collection appears to my right, below 0,0,0, but it starts out in front of me when the app first loads (only for a split second - then it stays stationary in the new position). Is there anything I should do to prevent this from happening?

I'm running Windows Insider build 16281.rs3_release w/ Unity 2017.2.0b9. Thanks!



  • I have noticed the same thing @mmilazzo. I think what is happening is 0,0,0 is where the Mixed Reality Portal tries to put the ground, and it translates your camera to where it thinks you are above the ground. But I have not found any documentation stating this, or a method to figure out how it's coming to that calculation.

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