Hologram shifted in world space

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to render a hologram, using DirectX, at a spot in the world (coordinate system generated by the StationaryFrameOfReference, I get when the app is started), that is marked with a QR-code. To do so, I get the center of the QR code, generate the Ray in the world space, according to the specific pixel and the coordinate system, that belongs to the image. And get the position of the vertex, that is hit by the ray and the nearest to the user's position.

When I want to render a hologram at this position, theres always a shift up to 15cm to the exact position of the QR-code. The shift is variable, and I cannot recognize, what it depends on.

When I write the 3D data of the room into a .ply-file, and mark the detected position by color, the shift is not recognizable. Because of that, I think theres a problem between the coordinate system, I work on and the one DirectX renders the holograms in.

Am I missing a transformation from the coordinate system, generated by the StationaryFrameOfReference, or something? Did anyone noticed a similar problem?

Thanks and greetings,

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